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The Workflow module in the SOAR system

Workflow Builder module within our SOAR system

We are excited to announce that a significant update to the Workflow Builder module within our SOAR system will be available shortly. This update introduces a host of new functionalities and integrations with leading IT security solutions, further enhancing the efficiency and capabilities of our system.

New, built-in integration nodes:

  • VirusTotal – Analyze files and URLs for viruses and malware.
  • Recorded Future – Access real-time intelligence data to anticipate threats.
  • Qualys – Conduct vulnerability scans and manage security postures.
  • AlienVault – Analyze and detect threats using data from a global community.
  • Microsoft Entra ID – Advanced identity and access management.
  • Hybrid Analysis – Deep analysis of suspicious files and URLs behavior.

New Features in the Workflow Module:

  • Creating nodes from pasted curl commands – Easily create new workflow nodes using curl commands, streamlining the integration and automation processes.
  • Ability to define global variables – Users can now set global variables accessible throughout the workflow, simplifying management and reducing code redundancy.
  • Workflow versioning – Introducing versioning allows for better change management and history tracking in dynamic environments.

These new features and integrations enhance the value of our Workflow module, making it even more versatile and tailored to the needs of modern digital security teams.

We invite you to update and explore the new capabilities that will surely enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your security operations. Stay tuned to our blog and newsletters for further updates and news in our SOAR system!