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Optimizing CIS Compliance with Energy SOAR


In the face of constantly evolving cyber threats, managing compliance with CIS (Center for Internet Security) Benchmarks is essential for the security of IT infrastructure. Energy SOAR streamlines this process, enabling organizations to achieve and maintain a high level of CIS compliance.

Integration with Energy Logserver SIEM

Data related to CIS compliance is directly extracted from the Energy Logserver SIEM system. This integration provides access to detailed and current information about the state of our infrastructure’s security.

Summary Table

At the outset, SOAR presents a compliance table, detailing unmet controls and the number of affected hosts. This information is crucial for identifying areas that require attention and planning appropriate actions.

Task Prioritization: Task List

A key element in effective CIS compliance management is the prioritization of tasks, facilitated by Energy SOAR through a task list with defined priorities. This prioritization enables efficient resource allocation and focus on the most urgent issues. By differentiating tasks based on their importance, organizations can swiftly respond to the most critical issues while planning long-term actions for less urgent problems.

Task Assignment and Responsibilities

Assigning specific tasks to appropriate individuals or teams is also of key importance. Energy SOAR allows for the assignment of tasks, along with required remedial actions, to those responsible for their execution. This ensures that every task is monitored, and progress is tracked, ensuring that all aspects of CIS compliance are adequately managed.

Task Details

SOAR provides comprehensive information about each task, including the assigned executor, description, required remedial actions, rationale, and a list of affected agents (hosts). This offers those responsible for task execution a clear overview of required actions and their impact on overall CIS compliance.


Managing CIS compliance with Energy SOAR is a process that requires not only the identification and prioritization of issues but also the effective allocation of tasks and monitoring of their execution. With tools such as the prioritized task list and detailed task information, SOAR enables organizations to achieve significantly better compliance with the CIS Benchmark, translating into a considerable enhancement of digital security.