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New integration with Maltiverse

Integrating Maltiverse & Energy SOAR

New integration with Maltiverse

We’re excited to introduce a new integration linking EnergySOAR with Maltiverse.

maltiverse logoMaltiverse emerges as a service tailored to cybersecurity analysts, offering advanced analysis of indicators of compromise (IOCs). Over recent years, the global community of security researchers has observed a trend where the technological infrastructures used for malware campaigns have a rapidly decreasing lifespan. Consequently, when faced with a genuine security incident, the IOCs are often unfamiliar. Maltiverse thoroughly examines various dimensions of the existing known IOC dataset to identify matches with unknown indicators.

Using Maltiverse analyzer you can easily check IOC classification about a hash, domain, IP or URL. Configuration is very simple. You just need to provide API key.

Benefits from the integration

The analyzer provides clear information about observables’ reputation.

The ‘classification‘ field in the Maltiverse data model categorizes each IoC into one of four possible values. This classification is determined by the Maltiverse Score Algorithm, which evaluates hundreds of conditions to provide precise classification at any given time. It is recalculated periodically (every hour), allowing IoCs to be downgraded, for instance, from ‘malicious’ to ‘suspicious’ if malicious activities cease for a specific period (IoC Expiration).

integration SOAR & Maltiverse

There is also an opportunity to access more details by easily drilling down to obtain a full report.

full report integration Maltiverse&SOAR

You can also navigate to the Maltiverse website to view a timeline chart of blacklisted activities associated with a specific IOC.

The integration between EnergySOAR and Maltiverse brings a significant advancement in cybersecurity analysis. Maltiverse, tailored for cybersecurity analysts, offers advanced IOC analysis amidst rapidly changing malware campaign infrastructures. Through this integration, users can easily check IOC classifications and access detailed reports, streamlining incident response processes and enhancing overall cybersecurity capabilities.