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How to calculate ROI and time saved metrics?

ROI and time saved metrics calculations in reference to Energy SOAR

How to calculate ROI and time saved metrics?

Cost of security operations is increasing. Management needs to validate the investment in SOAR platform. SOAR solutions primarily cut costs through automating time-intensive incident resolution tasks.

Energy SOAR has built-in capabilities to measure time saved on MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution) and ROI (Return On Investment). You can calculate the time and amount saved in your local currency according to actions carried out by workflows across all incidents.

To calculate metrics just enable ROI node in your workflows:

It updates timesaved and ROI fields in incidents handled by the workflow.

Inside ROI node choose Update Case operation:

In Custom Fields provide desired values:
ROI and time saved metrics are stored within cases for further reference and auditing:

Time saved and ROI metrics support date ranges so you can select desired time period to calculate summary savings on a report or a dashboard.

Energy SOAR licensing is based on analyst users making cost predictive. User-based licensing allows for unlimited use cases and actions without raising costs.

ROI and time saved metrics help measure results of using automatic workflows to manage incidents.

By automating repetitive tasks teams can respond faster and reduce costs.