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Essential for automating network security incident responses

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SOAR systems are crucial in automating responses to network security incidents, such as detecting network scans. Here’s how a SOAR system can enrich and process a network scan alert:

  1. Alert Enrichment: Upon receiving a basic alert from an IDS/IPS system, the SOAR system automatically enriches this information with additional data. This may include:
  • Historical Log Analysis: Examining past logs and events associated with the IP or similar attack patterns to gain historical context.
  • Reputation Database Checks: Checking the perpetrator’s IP address in public and private IP reputation databases to determine if it is known from previous attacks or suspicious activities.
  • Geolocation Correlation: Associating the IP address with geolocation to understand the geographic context of the attack source.
  1. Threat Classification and Assessment: Based on the enriched data, the SOAR system analyzes the risk associated with the detected scan:
  • Connection Attempt Frequency: Assessing how frequently the suspicious IP tried to establish a connection, which can indicate an automated attack.
  • Targeted Services: Identifying which services or ports were targeted by the attack, which can suggest motives and potential objectives of the attacker.
  1. Response Decisions: Depending on the established risk level, the system can automatically take a series of actions to minimize potential damage, such as:
  • Network Firewall Rule Application: Implementing firewall rules that restrict access to key network resources for the identified IP address.
  • Security Team Notifications: Informing the security team through automated email or SMS notifications.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: For lower-level threats, the SOAR can continue to monitor the IP activity and collect more data before deciding on an intervention.

SOAR systems not only expedite responses to incidents but also enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of security teams’ actions.