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Energy SOAR for Vulnerability Management

Intruder gains access to secrets. Hacker hacking into the security system. Data leakage, industrial espionage. Crypto theft, computer viruses. Authentication. Electronic encryption key.

Key features of Tenable Security Center

 Tenable Security Center is comprehensive vulnerability management platform. It is designed to help organizations manage and analyze their cybersecurity posture by providing tools for vulnerability scanning, assessment, and reporting. Security Center allows to scan networks and systems to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. The platform helps in discovering and tracking all devices and systems within an organization’s network. This is crucial for maintaining an up-to-date inventory of assets, which is essential for effective security management. Tenable Security Center assists organizations in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards by providing tools for continuous monitoring and reporting on compliance status. The platform helps organizations prioritize remediation efforts by assessing the severity and impact of vulnerabilities. This allows security teams to focus on addressing the most critical issues first.

Import details about vulnerabilities into Energy SOAR

The goal is to help organizations proactively manage and improve their security posture in the face of evolving cyber threats. Thus, you can integrate Energy SOAR with Tenable Security Center to gather information about vulnerabilities detected in your network.

Each case includes information about the vulnerability instance including plugin details and recommended actions for remediation. Affected host you can find in observables section. Vulnerabilities can be automatically assigned to specific groups e.g. networks or regions to send notifications to appropriate asset owners.

Assign tasks

When security teams review the scan results, they may decide to choose the way to remediate or fix certain vulnerabilities. You can assign tasks to individuals responsible for remediation efforts. This ensures accountability and clear ownership of the remediation process.

Tasks allows users to monitor and track the progress of remediation. It provides visibility into which tasks are open, in progress, or completed. This tracking capability helps organizations understand how well they are addressing identified vulnerabilities and meeting their security objectives.

Security teams can prioritize patching tasks based on the severity and potential impact of vulnerabilities. This ensures that critical vulnerabilities are addressed promptly, enhancing overall security efficiency.

Launch Remediation Scan

 From Energy SOAR console you can launch Remediation Scan. It triggers new targeted scan in Tenable Security Center. The purpose of this scan is to verify whether the remediation efforts taken to address a specific vulnerability were successful. Then workflow updates the status of the case within the Energy SOAR console, providing a clear and centralized view of the remediation progress.

Update tickets in external helpdesk system

Energy SOAR has the capability to interface with external helpdesk systems, which are commonly used by organizations for tracking and managing IT-related issues, including security incidents.

When an incident or vulnerability is identified and managed within the Energy SOAR platform, it can automatically update or create tickets in the external helpdesk system.

This integration ensures that information about security incidents is synchronized between the security operations team using Energy SOAR and the broader IT support or helpdesk team.

Energy SOAR and Tenable Security Center integration allows for additional orchestration and automation scenarios like scanning newly created virtual machines or involve patch management systems.

Scanning newly created virtual machines.

As part of the orchestration and automation capabilities, the integration allows for the automation of vulnerability scans on newly created virtual machines.

When new VMs are provisioned or deployed in the environment, Energy SOAR can trigger Tenable Security Center to initiate scans specifically targeting these newly created instances.

This proactive approach helps in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in the early stages of a virtual machine’s lifecycle, ensuring a more secure environment.

Involving patch management systems

Patch management is a critical aspect of cybersecurity, involving the regular update and patches installation to software and systems to address vulnerabilities.

The integration between Energy SOAR and Tenable Security Center can extend to patch management systems. For example, if a vulnerability scan identifies systems with missing patches, Energy SOAR can automate the process of coordinating with patch management systems to apply the necessary updates. This ensures a more comprehensive and automated approach to addressing vulnerabilities, covering not only identification and verification but also the remediation process through patching.


 The seamless flow of information between Energy SOAR and Tenable Security Center helps organizations efficiently manage and track the remediation status of vulnerabilities.

Using Energy SOAR workflows module security teams can design and implement scenarios that involve additional security tools and systems to extend vulnerability management capabilities even more.