Chatting, multi-language and VSCode Web IDE



Energy SOAR is excited to announce an integration with Rocket.Chat, enhancing our platform’s capabilities in facilitating communication among analysts during investigations. This innovative integration allows users to leverage the robust features of Rocket.Chat within the Energy SOAR environment, streamlining the investigation process through improved collaboration.

Key Features of the Integration:

  1. Seamless Communication: Initiate and manage conversations directly within Energy SOAR, either for individual cases or on an organization-wide level.
  2. Versatile Attachment Support: Enhance your messages with a variety of attachments including files, audio, links, and videos.
    • Files: Upload easily using the paperclip icon, drag-and-drop, or clipboard paste. Remember to add a name and description before sending.
    • Audio: Start recording by clicking the microphone icon in the message box.
    • Video: Record by clicking the camera icon.
    • Links: Paste URLs to generate automatic previews of external content.
  3. Advanced Messaging Features:
    • Utilize formatting options like bold, italic, strike, inline code, image, link, and TeX.
    • Engage with messages using reactions or threaded replies for organized discussions.

By combining the intuitive chat interface of Rocket.Chat with the powerful features of Energy SOAR, analysts can now enjoy a more connected and collaborative investigative experience.

Multi-language support

The latest update to Energy SOAR has introduced multi-language capabilities, enhancing accessibility and user experience for a broader audience.

VS Code in browser

A new feature integrating a web-based version of Visual Studio Code (VS Code) into the Energy SOAR system has been announced. This integration aims to significantly enhance the capabilities of SOAR administrators and developers, particularly in creating and managing custom Responders and Analyzers.

The integration of VS Code, a well-regarded Integrated Development Environment (IDE), offers several advantages to the SOAR ecosystem:

  • Streamlined Development Workflow: VSCode’s robust code editing and management tools, now available within the SOAR platform, allow developers to efficiently write and modify code. This integration simplifies creating complex scripts and custom functions for SOAR operations.
  • Enhanced Code Quality: VSCode’s inclusion provides advanced code editing features like syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, and real-time error detection, aiding in maintaining high-quality code and reducing errors in Responders and Analyzers.
  • Centralized Access: Integrating VSCode into the SOAR system gives administrators centralized access to coding and scripting tools, streamlining the workflow by eliminating the need to switch between different environments.
  • Customization and Flexibility: The wide range of extensions and customization options in VSCode allows developers to tailor their coding environment, enhancing productivity and efficiency.